Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flohmarkt etc

The fleakmarket was great-- we got a bit lost on the way there since we met at a metro station a bit further away, but it was such a beautiful day that none of us were bothered. There was so much, for SO cheap! Because of that, I of course ended up spending way more money than I had intended. Here are some photos...

Here is my Opa Pully-- I love it. Fifty cents.
A watch, obviously. I'm still getting used to how convenient it is...

Cute 5€ leather purse.... looked it up later online and it turns out to be major designer-brand-ness. As in, I managed to find ONE other purse by this designer online, and it costs 95$. Go figure!

The rest of the Saturday was fun too-- at home I packed all my stuff together and put the birthday present into its container. (Check this post again later, I will put up pictures of the present. It's pretty awesome). Then I met up with exchange student friends in the city for a while, and then went to the party. My friend and I were there exactly on time, which was a bit strange, but as the evening wore on it got better and better. We left between 12 and 1 to catch the last S-Bahn, and slept like rocks until I had to get up and go back home to say goodbye to my other guest sister. Today was a lazy day- I procrastinated doing work, and did pretty much nothing at all, and went on a walk later in the afternoon with my host mom and sister. That's it for now, then. Bye!

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