Sunday, January 23, 2011

praktikum week one

Ok, well I don't know if I've already said a whole lot about my Praktikum, so let me just give a little overview of the whole thing. Every student in my school in the 12th grade does a two week internship in a place and profession of their choice. It is meant to give kids a bit of practical experience and help them get more of an idea of what they actually want to go into. I think this in an advantage in the German school system that we don't have in America. Then again, in America we don't have to know what we want to major in the moment we start going to college.

Anyway, I decided to do my Praktikum by my old language school, A-viva. (Which is by the way pretty much the best language and culture centur for anybody new to the German language or to Frankfurt!). It's pretty chillig there, and the other Praktikantin is super, super nice. We laugh a lot. Here is some of what I have done so far:
  • picked up books at the book store
  • lots and lots of online research for people, about scholarships, activities, places to stay, spas, prices, etc
  • chatted with students and teachers
  • sat in on an English class (very interesting!)
  • learned a lot about Microsoft Word and Excel
  • formatted, printed stickers of, and stuck on, chinese flashcards
I think next week I'm going to be doing line illustrations of some sort for the chinese flashcards. I'm pretty excited about that.

Okay, just some other small notes... I am now past page 200 in Twilight in German, and pretty much gobbling my way through. Learning a lot of words. My guest father had his birthday during the week, and a party today. We spent all Saturday baking and cooking, and we have an awful lot of left overs. But I'm starting my diet Tuesday, I swear! Speaking of dieting, though, maybe I'll just buy myself bigger jeans. I was such a skinny string bean in the US I couldn't even imagine gaining weight, but here I am. AFS: another fat student!

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