Sunday, December 5, 2010


Here are some pictures from Strasbourg. They are completely backwards here, so start at the bottom...

The last picture of the night, on the way back to the cars.

The street were beautiful in the dark, with all the lights.

Starting to get dark.

Just finished my Gl├╝hwein

We decided it would be lovely to live on the water...

Me (left) and my guest sister (right)
More of the canal.

The Notre Dame, of course!

I found the houses completely charming... especially the one that is only two windows wide.

Some cool icicles, and a pretty view from under a bridge

The first view of the city from the parking garage


  1. Nice pics!
    Was there any kind of customs (douane)? Or could you just drive there as if it were all one big Euro-country?

  2. Hey Mme AskenDunn :) We drove through something that sort of looked like what we went through for going to Quebec, but we weren't stopped. Just one big lovey Euro-country.