Friday, December 3, 2010

Looking Up

This week of school was far better than the last, and I have more things to look forward as well. Monday was a pretty crazy day-- if you look back at my Stundenplan, you will see that I have a free hour between PoWi and Englisch, and then three free hours before Spanisch. Well, there was no Englisch class, so I had Five. Free. Hours. It was incredible. I went to the mall with my lovely American friend, and we were mistaken as a lesbian couple by a man who curled half of her hair before she had to go back to school. Tuesday, I normally have school until the 10th hour. That is, I either have two hours of art and then two hours of Ethik at the end of the day, or I have two free hours and then two hours of Ethik. (This is because art and math alternate, and I have no math class! Woohoo!). This week was a math week, and there was no Ethik. So I went home early. Wednesday I normally only have two hours of Deutsch, and two hours of Bio. But in Bio they were taking a test, and I already told the teacher that I was not going to take it. So I hung out with some people, and then went home. Thursday was normal, and Friday, was long and exhausting, with two hours of intense basketball at the end. I know people (especially my parents) are curious to see what my school looks like, so here are a few pictures:

Saturday my sister and I woke up early once again to go on a day trip to Strasbourg, with my old sprachkurs. It was a lot of fun, but very cold. I will post pictures in a separate post, since it's a real pain here.

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