Friday, November 12, 2010

the oper! and other things

This week has been pretty super duper, let me say. School is good, and the people I know are amazing and I just keep meeting more. On Wednesday the teachers had a workshop or something, and so everybody had only three hours of school. The other American girl and I went to our friend's house and baked all sorts of goodies, and watched Dirty Dancing, which I had never seen before. It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to have a full tummy all afternoon. For those of you who remember how much I normally ate in the US, just know that I am eating more. And I am still always hungry.

A bit before five, we all went our separate ways again. My way was to the Opera. It was quite impressive. We all had little opera binoculars, and I have to say I really enjoyed spying on all the people below me. Our seats were pretty terrible, as we could only see half the stage, but they incidentally afforded an excellent view of the pit orchestra, in which there was quite a very good-looking trombone player. So, whenever the actors were out of sight, my sister and I just watched him. The opera itself, by Wagner, was pretty exhausting to hear, and almost impossible to understand. There was a subtitles screan above the stage, but not knowing half the words makes comprehension a tricky task. However, the whole ordeal rekindled my longstanding vauge desire to learn the cello. I know it's not an intrinsically 'cool' instrument like the guitar, for example, but I think it's really beautiful and I know I could be decent at it. There were three acts of the Opera, and during the last one I feel asleep probably five times, and upon each re-awakening realizing that my mouth was open, closing it again, and sneaking a covert glance to the man next to me, hoping he didn't notice.

The next day I slept over at my American friend's house. She has four brothers, which was quite interesting and rather intimidating, but we didn't really see them much. We ate some, did some homework, did some facebook, and watched She's The Man! I didn't realize how much I didn't realize how scripted that movie is, the last time I watched it. But all the same, it gave me the warm fuzzies and made me wish my life could be a bit more like Amanda Bynes'. Wait, what?? I'm living an incredible year in Germany! No it didn't!

Friday was good, despite some mishaps which required apologies. (If any future exchange students are reading my blog, remember, Always apologize when you mess up, even if you wouldn't normally do so at home. Better safe than sorry). Today, Saturday, was windy, and rainy, and not very cold but I didn't go outside because it looked so sad out there. Instead, I sat on the couch and read (For Esme, With Love And Squalor, by JD Salinger). After lunch I made a brownie mix with my mom, and cleaned and vacuumed my room, and then I got on the computer intending to write my blog, but actually I facebooked, which lead to skyping, and so I have been on the computer all afternoon. Bad, bad, bad. Bye then!

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