Monday, November 15, 2010

Good Day Bad Day

I think I can say that I have officially made my first big dumb mistake, and had my first really bad day here in Germany. Two big firsts, that's reason enough to be happy, right? I will spill all: The dumb mistake, well, wasn't even technically a mistake, since I don't consider it technically my fault. But it still happened, and it's still bad. Here's the scoop: my monthly bus/u-bahn/straßenbahn/s-bahn cards fell out of my wallet. Either that or it was stolen... Either way, three months worth is gone. That is, 58€ for September, 58€ for October, and 58€ for the nice fresh month of November. What would normally have happened is that I would have sent all these cards to AFS (in December, was the plan) and get reimbursed. But of course now that's impossible, and I have to pay for it myself somehow.

The bad day began with buying a bus ticket. Never having needed to do so before, I was a bit in the dark as to what must happen. I had my 2,30€ ready in my hand when I walked on the bus, and the bus driver looked at me as though he was waiting for me to sprout an extra head or something. Feeling already a bit awkward, nervous, and abashed, I put the change down in the metal dish in front of me. He did nothing. I accidentally on purpose flicked one of the coins into a random coin slot, because I didn't know what else I should do and the moster bus driver certainly was not giving me any clues. Well, he just about had a cow at me when I did that, and was quite a bit more than huffy as he extracted the false coin, and demanded WHAT I actually wanted. I said, with a question and a bit of defiance in my voice '. . . a ticket?' Turns out I was supposed to say 'ein einzelfahrt ticket, bitte,' and turns out that in the morning, einzelfahrt tickets actually cost 2,40€. Was I born on Mars or something? Gosh.

I got to school and sat through PoWi (Politics and Economy) and then did this and that with these and those people. Then I sat through English (not having done my homework, I had nothing to add). Somewhere in there I got tickle attacked, rather viciously I might add, and ended up curled in a ball on the floor, paralyzed. Of course, all this happened just as my guest sister's Ethik teacher (a very stern, serious looking man) came out of the elevator, and as all the other students in the school started flooding down the stairs. It was almost as humiliating as the scene on the bus. Then I had a three hour break in which there was nothing nothing nothing to do. I didn't know where to go or what to do to get a new monthly ticket, and nobody had free time at the same time as I did, so I couldn't be helped. Instead I sat in a cafe for three hours and 'studied'. Which meant that I actually spent my time alternately drawing or gazing out the window.

My Spanish class was good though, as always, and the kids are really really nice. I learned a bit more what I think I have to do to get another fahrkart, too, which is good. After chatting a while after class, I walked to the U-Bahn, bought a ticket, and chatted with another acquaintance until I had to get off. (What is the word for aussteigen, in English?). I started listening to music that always makes me happy, and by the time I got home I felt right as rain. Which is good, since it's been raining all day today.

It really makes quite a contrast to yesterday, which was absolutely beaut. I woke up early for some reason, so I went running in the park in time to see the sun rise, and ended up sitting for about half an hour in this wonderful tree, just looking and listening, and breathing and not thinking. It felt really, really nice. I tried to make American pancakes for lunch, but everything feel a bit flat. Including the pancakes themselves. Maybe next time everybody will be in a better pancake eating zone. Later that day I went with AFS to the Goethe Haus, of which we got a tour. I understood everything, and it was really very interesting. Afterwards we walked all around, and talked. It was quite a lot of fun, and due to my fahrkart predicament, I got a lovely ride home.

That's all for now, so bis später

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