Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Week

So this is it! My last week in Maine has been pretty busy so far, with bridge jumping and going to the mall, getting lost, riding my bike, hanging out with friends and family, packing, and studying, studying studying!

I'm doing sort of an on-going trial pack (which means that whatever I don't wear is actually going to stay in my suitcase from now until I get to Germany). My suitcase weighs 41 pounds, but my scale is a bit inconsistent so I'm never quite sure. Anyways, with the 44lbs limit, I think I'm all set.

My German family is signing me up for a German language course, with a program called A-Viva. I think it is the German version of the Alliance Française (where I took classes last summer in Paris). I took a Deutschekenntnisse Test, a German knowledge test, and they placed me at level A2. That means I don't know much but I'm not a total beginner! So that's a plus.

I'll fly to Washington D.C. with a few friends on September 7th for my pre-orientation, so there will me more to post about soon.


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