Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The First Week

My first week in Frankfurt was great. I saw some sights with my host parents, ate a lot of good food, and slept. My family is super nice, and I felt at home right away. Their house is medium sized, and very pretty. They do a lot of work on it themselves, so its not entirely finished, but it doesn't matter. And since my house in Maine is far from completed either, it really doesn't bother me at all. I have a pretty room which overlooks the garden. There are lots of books around, and currently I'm reading Harry Potter und der Feurkelch. Can you guess? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It's good to read, since I know the words so well in English it helps me a lot with my German. There is a beautiful park that overlooks Frankfurt a ten minute walk or so away from my house, out of the city, and maybe sometime I will put up some pictures.

My daily routine goes something like this: I get up around eight, leave for my class around nine. I catch the bus and go until the end of the line, and then I catch the tram, which drops me off right near my course. Everybody is very nice there. German grammar (cases, mostly) I find somewhat confusing, but I'm sure I'll improve. On Tuesday I had a little adventure. Upon arriving home after class, I discovered that I could not open the door. It was a pretty ridiculous predicament, and I didnt know what to do, so I went out again, and came back, and went out again. I took the metro to a stop that looked on the map as though it was near the river. I got out, and didnt find the river. I did, however, see a new part of Frankfurt, and now I know where the Goethe Museum is! I got back a bit late because I walked around for so long, and my family let me in. It was somewhat embarassing, once I learned how to open the door, but it was a good day overall. The rest of the week passed without incident. I'm understanding more and more, and I was able to tell a lady waiting for the tram the time.

The weekend came, and Saturday my guest sister took me shopping on a big street that has three (three!) H&Ms. So far I've only been in one. On that street I went up the longest escalator in Europe, and bought a shirt, a scarf, and a sweater. After three hours we were pretty exhausted, and went back home for a quick bite to eat before going to a Französich Party organized by my language class program. We didn't know anybody there, so we just ate a bunch of deserts for an hour. We were actually about to leave, when two young guys we're acquainted with came in, and we ended up all sitting at a table outside in the cold, because inside it was so hot. We finally went back home around midnight. It was a long day. Sunday morning one of my sister's friends came over, and then in the evening we went to another friends house to meet a bunch of other friends. There we watched a very strange movie in which Daniel Brühl played a schizophrenic. We got back quite late, and were very tired in the morning.

In three weeks fall break starts, and I think we might go on a small trip somewhere. And on October 25th I will start actual German high school (in my case Gymnasium, the university-bound school track). Very exciting.

I try to give pretty comprehensive posts, but if there's something you're especially curious about that I haven't mentioned, please do comment, or contact me with facebook or email.


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