Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At the airport before departure
Our airplane!

Checkin' everything out through our big waiting room window

Arrived at the hostel with a fantastic view out of our window.

meine gastschwester und ich!

pretty street, crossing our hostel's street

walking tours!

another pretty street

the demonstranten!


A statue. With hair? Just kidding. It's Maria!

An interesting wall covered in shards of mirror.

Typical again. I love my fellow chilean exchange student.

See that sharp corner on that building? It's not real. Look closely at the graffiti on the bottom and you'll see...


Waiting to get into the Museo nacional centro de arte reina sofia!

Ready to listen with our snazzy hearing devices.
The elevator ride up to the third floor of the museum...
Another group photo on our tour of modern madrid.
...modern madrid

Outside the soccer stadium. We love spain!

The Demonstranten, blocking one of the major intersections in the city

Statue of Caído, the fallen angel (aka the devil), in the Parque de El Retiro.

Also in the Park, Palacio de Cristal.

On our last evening, the best living statue we had ever seen. It was eerie.

Birte, Haresh and I had a long wait in the airport, which we made the most of

Finally in the airplane! yay, Frankfurt!

The view out the plane window as the sun set.

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