Thursday, March 24, 2011


Okay guys I'm posting this late because I had to get permission on some photos. Pretend that it is from the 23rd or something.

I can't believe it was only last weekend, but yes, it was last weekend that I travelled to Hamburg to visit good friends of my parents. I had the most wonderful time, I think I didn't stop smiling the whole weekend long, except when I had to leave. It's been hard just picking out this number of photos. Enjoy...

Speicherstadt-where all goods would be stored, easily accesible

Some of the only old remaining houses that weren't bombed, there at the end of the row

view of the Domturm, and further in the background St Michaelis Cathedral
view of the city from the Domturm, handy gargoil in view
Getting ready for a tour of the harbor and of Speicherstadt!
I thought this photo was a disaster but I think it turned out cool--the wall of the Speicherstadt.
In the harbor

The 'hippie houses'
The Rickmer Rickmers, now made museum, where we also ate a delicious lunch.
still on the Rickmer Rickmers
the Rathaus, the town hall
An elevator with a mirror on the ceiling? But of course!

After such a long day we went home and ate soup and watched Keeping Mum (in German, natürlich!). On Sunday morning there were freshly ground whole wheat flour pancakes, and then the slow way to the train station to go back to Frankfurt. It was a wonderful time, and I hope that I can see this wonderful family again before I have to fly back to the US!

Some general notes about this past week: it's been good, but surprisingly full of schoolwork! I have done one group presentation for French over the history of Algiers, and will soon be doing a group presentation for German over Woyzek, by Georg Büchner. It's definitely something else, trying to work out the finetries (I know that's not a word) of Literature... in a foreign language. I think we've done a good job though, but I'll certainly report back on how badly my German teacher eats me out. He does that to everybody, but that doesn't make it any less awful and mean.

This (week)end is full of celebrating because the written Abitur is over! Woohoo! This weekend I'm also hosting some good friends of mine from AFS, which should be a lot of fun.

So bis nächstes Mal!

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